Investing In Our Area of Expertise

About Propeller Investments

Propeller Investments is a private equity firm built on one simple principle that forms the foundation for our investment strategy and philosophy: We invest in what we know, channeling our efforts to the business sectors in which we have experience and expertise - Aerospace and Transportation. Using an experienced based methodology to identify and understand significant emerging investment opportunities is Propeller's core competency.

The Propeller team takes a proactive approach to finding driven entrepreneurs and compelling businesses that have the potential to create a substantive financial return for our investors, the company's management team and our limited partners. We take a value-added approach to early stage investing in infrastructure, concept leading operating companies with definitive and industry leading concepts, and service and concession ventures in our core market sector.

We evaluate all opportunities with care, concentrating on exceptional investments with the greatest potential for superior returns. Because we strongly believe that a management team is the most important consideration in any investment decision, we seek extremely motivated owners and managers who have demonstrated the skills, commitment and discipline to build a successful company.

The team must have quality, depth and maturity, as well as proven relevant experience in its industry. Our strategy, philosophy and approach are designed to result in a group of synergistic investments that Propeller considers to be the best opportunities from all areas of the global transportation industry.